Northern Michigan

Memorials & Monuments


In addition to the many types of monuments, markers, and other products we offer, we also provide upkeep services to keep cemetery plots looking beautiful.

  • Landscaping: Because you may want more for your loved ones than just a marker. We can add additional effects to a plot to make it unique and beautiful.

  • Monument/Marker Cleaning: Over time, moss and other natural debris will accumulate on the surface of plot markers and monuments. We can restore the quality of these markers.

  • Foundation Repair:  A monument/marker foundation will naturally sink or shift over time, causing the monument/marker to not sit as straight as it did when it was first placed. We can rebuild these foundations.

  • Engraving Services: We can add additional information to a marker, such as updating a dual plot marker, or just to simply have additional memorial text added.

Contact us for more information on these services.